Sullivan County Community Wellness Center Survey
The Sullivan County Recreation Association is revisiting options to establish a Community Wellness Center in Sullivan County. Please share the link with friends and family who live in the county as well as seasonal residents and complete this survey by October 26, 2019. Thank you.
Check the municipality in which you live. *
Are you a permanent or seasonal resident of Sullivan County? *
Number and ages of individuals in your household *
Under 5 years
5 - 9 years
10 - 14 years
15 - 18 years
19 - 25 years
26 - 39 years
40 - 59 years
60 years and above
Potential Community Wellness Center Services: What services would members of your household use?
Potential Health/Wellness Activities: What activities would members of your household use?
Potential Indoor Pool Activities: What water activities would members of your household use?
Potential Outdoor Activities: What outdoor activities would members of your household use?
If the Community Wellness Center is built in phases, choose your preference for which activity should be available first.
Would you require public transportation such as BeST Transit service to transport you and your family to and from the Community Wellness Center to participate in the activities?
Would you be willing to donate?
Community Wellness Center Name: Do you have a suggestion for a name that elicits a feeling of well-being, is distinctive and succinct as well as easy to remember and market?
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