BF3:Realitymod - Testing Team Application
[ATTENTION] Please read the text below carefully so you know what to expect and what not.

This form is for signing up as a tester for our quality assurance (QA) team. If you sign up you will be able to take part in the closed alpha testing phase and the initial fullscale playtests, however, if you just want to play / try out the mod, this is not for you, we're looking for people that will actively support and assist us with assuring the quality of the mod itself while we're still working on the release.


We've spent the last 2-3 years working on this mod and the modding framework (Venice Unleashed) itself, and what you could call the MVP (Minimum viable product) is pretty much there.

Here's what you can expect:

- Infantry only (vehicles will come later)
- 3 vanilla maps (our mapping tool is still being worked on)
- Advance and Secure (AAS) gamemode, known from PR and Squad
- Adjusted player movements
- Custom health system (bleedout, fielddressings, dedicated medic role)
- First person death cam
- Adjusted gun stats, ADS times, projectiles speed, etc.
- All custom user interface, minimalistic HUD, custom kit / squad selection, map, etc.
- Custom mumble client
- Squad system same as PR
- Kit system same as PR, slightly more customizable, but no crate / apc kit spawning yet
- Spawn system similar to PR, with FOBs and RallyPoints that Squadleaders can set
- Custom admin chat command system similar to PR
- Custom point system

Here's what not to expect:

Since it's closed alpha and the whole project is a volunteer based, don't expect things to run as smooth or as organized as testing phases for AAA titles. There will be a lot of game bugs initially, server / client crashes, possibly performance bottlenecks. Also, there's a big difference between playing a game and being a tester of one. If you just wanna give it a try and you're not willing to spend hours and hours on repetitive testing tasks, then don't sign up, you'll be able to do that upon release.

Here's what we expect from you:

People that are being selected from this initial sign up will be contacted through discord. If you don't hear from us within 3-4 weeks, then you're application has been denied or we were unable to contact you through discord.
After a successful personal assessment in discord, you'll be required to sign up on our forums (not public yet). Eventually you'll be assigned to a team or as a teamleader (if you signed up as one). After that there will be another period of waiting, where the newly established QA lead and the lead devs will set everything up and get stuff ready for testing. We expect you to be mature, disciplined, patient and easy to work with in order for us to conduct productive QA sessions. You won't be able to share any screenshots or footage from the mod or VU itself, unless explicitely allowed so by the lead devs.

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