2019 Douglas Elementary School Talent Show Signup Form
Students are encouraged to be as creative as possible in demonstrating their talents. Students performing in a group only need to submit one online signup form, but please add additional students' names in the comment section at the end.

Here are the rules:
1. Talents must be school appropriate.
2. Performances must be safe.
3. Performances must be limited to 2 minutes or one song, whichever is shorter. Time limit will be strictly enforced by Mr. Broggi.
4. Dances must be choreographed, not improvised.
5. Singing must be live; no lip-syncs, and singers must provide their own accompaniment music without the lyrics.
6. In some cases, Mr. Broggi may be able to accompany performances on the piano or guitar. Please ask in advance.
7. Sign ups MUST be completed by May 15 for the k-2 grade show. Late sign ups and last minute changes will not be accepted.

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Describe your talent and what it is you plan to do on stage. If you will play a piece of music, please include the musical instrument, the title of the music, the composer’s name, and the name of the arranger (if any.) Please also include the names of any other students in the performance **ONLY ONE SUBMISSION PER PERFORMANCE GROUP IS NECESSARY! *
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What will you need for your performance? For example: MP3 player (please email Mr. Broggi a MP3 file or send in a fob with the MP3 file), a CD player (please send in the CD to Mr. Broggi), a microphone, a piano, etc.
For example, do you need a piano/keyboard? A music stand? A chair? A microphone? etc.
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Parent or Guardian: Enter your name to express your permission for your child to participate in the talent show. *
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Comments (optional).
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Would you be willing to volunteer to help with the talent show? Most of the work could be done at home on your own time, or you can help the day of the show if you are able to show up 40 minutes before the show starts or to stay after to put away chairs.
Please send any comments or questions about the talent show online signup to: talentshow@douglasschoolpto.org or enter them here.
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