Oregon Board of Medical Imaging
The Board is conducting a customer satisfaction survey. Your opinion is important. Please take a moment to complete this brief questionnaire. Your response to this survey will remain anonymous.
Have you had any contact with the Board in the last year? *
If yes, what was the purpose of your contact with the Board? (Check all that apply)
TIMELINESS - How do you rate the timeliness of services provided by the Oregon Board of Medical Imaging? *
ACCURACY - How do you rate the ability of the Board to provide services correctly the first time? *
HELPFULNESS - How do you rate the helpfulness of the Board employees? *
EXPERTISE - How do you rate the knowledge and expertise of the Board employees? *
AVAILABILITY OF INFORMATION - How do you rate the availability of information from the Board? *
OVERALL SERVICE - How do you rate the overall quality of service provided by the Board? *
OTHER JURISDICTIONS - How does the service you received from the Board compare to that provided by other states? *
Do you have any additional comments? *
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