Common Questions about Beliefs.
Hello, My Given Name is Devan Jesse Byrne
and I have been focused on Spirituality for the majority of my life and have been religious for all of it. My desire for answers took me on a five year journey where in-short I experienced “death” from the deep process of forgiving everyone and everything I knew of the world.

I am sure I quickly answered your question I didn't mean to be rude, I hope to be able to answer your questions a bit more here, however I am sure your still have many questions unless you truly participate you may never truly understand. Unlike most religions, I have NO unanswered questions when I want answers. I speak extensively of my personal experiences daily on my various podcasts and courses available on this same website.

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While this appears to be a form, it was an inspired way to organize and reformatting our previous Question page which was not easy to navigate. Your email is not seen by us unless you submit the form a text the end. If you do answer the last page of questions and submit the form you will be given a gift for helping us out with our service.

There are additional forms to request Rev. Devan for an interview, teaching arrangements, prayer or healing services, discounts on courses, propose a new program or to perform a wedding. Please read the list on the contact page at:

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"Inspiration is a miraculous thing, when offered and accepted, also is it shared. " ~ Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne

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