Recovery - Through Christ
Recovery - Through Christ is a recovery program in which Jesus Christ is the higher power and the Bible is the ultimate authority for obtaining peace in a life filled with struggles, hardships, dysfunctions, and addictions. The RTC program promotes spiritual and emotional healing through a combination of God’s Word and the 12 steps of recovery. This effective blend teaches you to react to the struggles of life in a healthy way instead of suppressing, coping, numbing, or simply avoiding reality. Through the program, you can learn how to carry your burdens (Matt 11:28-30), retrain your thought patterns (2 Cor. 10:3-5), and overcome your own great tribulations of life (Rev. 7:13-14). Our goal is to give you the tools you need in order to react to the struggles of life in a godly manner.

RTC is a 9-month program (running from February to October 2018) that will meet once a week on Thursday nights.

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I understand that the leaders and facilitators do not serve as therapists, but are actively in recovery from their own life-controlling issues. Their main function in the program is to be model participants, providing structure and added support to the group. If counseling is needed, a certified therapist can be recommend. Facilitators' purpose is to point you to the One who can allow you the strength, hope, and healing that you need in your life. They're here to help you with your recovery - through Christ.
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