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Name, age, location, industry, company (optional) & job title you are currently working in. Feel free to add your social handles (instagram, facebook, linkedin)
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Describe your job in a nutshell *
Pretend you are describing your job to someone who has no idea what this means, in plain English. Outline specifically what you do for clients/customers, and also what your role is within the company. The more granular, the better. If there are words, titles, jargon that need explaining - explain them, and we will include these in a footnote or glossary.
What’s on the top of your to-do list for tomorrow? *
Be specific, and be honest - the idea is to be genuine, so if it is something really mundane (like “organise birthday cake for colleague” or “order more toner for work printer” - write it in. Or if you don’t keep a to-do list, tell us why!
What are you currently working on? *
As above, be as specific as you can be, and describe it as though the reader knows nothing about your industry
What are your qualifications? *
Eg I studied Degree X and university Y. Don’t forget other qualifications and certifications which you think might be relevant (don’t worry, we’ll cut them if they aren’t)
What subjects did you study in year 12? *
What interested you about [insert your industry]? *
Eg. Job perks? The lifestyle? Did you have a friend in the field who enjoyed it? Had you dreamed about this industry since you were young? Or if you ‘fell’ into it - what has kept you there?
Tell us a myth about [insert industry or role] that you can bust for others? *
What most surprised you? Industry jargon? Stereotypes about women in the industry? Something your industry ‘traditionally’ did, but doesn’t anymore? It’s fine to ‘pass’ this question if you can’t think of anything.
Where could this job take you? *
Describe the career progression in your current work environment. What are the promotions/opportunities that lie ahead? Where could you go in five years if you stayed with the company. Alternatively, what other industry/related fields do people in your industry/role cross over into? Ie what is the progression if you continue up the ladder you are on vs what is the progression if you side step into related fields. Note: This doesn’t have to be specific to you (if you are planning a career change but haven’t told you job/boss yet - don’t sweat it! You can speak generally about what other people in this industry transition to).
What has been the coolest opportunity you’ve experienced through work? *
For example, leadership programs? Additional training? Travel? Meeting influential people?
What is a ‘late night at the office” for you and how often does it happen? *
E.g. 9pm is a late night, it happens once a month or so. Be honest! Don’t you wish you’d known this going into the industry!? If you’re worried about telling people you finish at 1am every night, feel free to say something like “I’m usually not home in time to watch the Bachelorette!”
What grad salary is typical in your field/role? Is there a bonus option? *
You don’t need to tell people how much you earn! A $10 k bracket is fine.
How did your degree prepare you for your role? *
How much did you learn on the job vs how much did you learn from your degree? Was your degree hands-on, or theoretical? How big were the ‘holes’ in your training that you had to fill on the job? How willing is your company to fill this knowledge? What are the expectations of prior knowledge when you come to the role?
What are the essential skills for your role or industry? *
Please list skills which are not needed in every job. Eg ‘people person’, ‘willingness to learn’ etc are general and needed in virtually all jobs. We want specifics: eg familiarity with Excel or Adobe illustrator? High level understanding of English/grammar? Confidence cold-calling people? Familiarity with legal jargon? Background in commerce or mathematics?
What is the recruitment process like? *
Did you apply on seek/through a recruiter? Did you intern in your field? Do you feel you need to? How many interview rounds were involved? What were the questions like? Was there psychometric testing? Was there an online component to the interview? How long did you spend preparing? Was your recruitment process ‘typical’ for your industry?
Describe the backgrounds/study paths of colleagues in similar roles *
Is everyone in your office from a similar background/study path? Or is there a spread of backgrounds and skills/experience among those hired? Would someone with a different background been able to secure this job? Or did you need to take the path you took? With this question, we are trying to get a picture of whether most graduates were trained on the job (i.e. hired on their ‘potential’, vs getting the job based on their previous skills?
Tell us about your office environment/culture? *
This isn’t about telling us whether it is ‘good or bad’ (remember, your boss might read this!), be as specific and granular as you can. Many people who read this will have never been in an office. Is your office big or small? Do you know everyone’s first and last name? How much time to do you spend in your office vs. off site (e.g. at a client’s office or somewhere else)?Is it hierarchical? Who is your direct report? Do you do group activities/brainstorms/pairing? Do you have a set desk/area in which you work? Do you hot desk? Does your MD know your name? Do you work with every area of the business, or stay in your ‘team’? Do you have fun at work? How much do you dread Mondays/look forward to Friday? Are there any social committees / social activities you are a part of? What age and life stage are the majority of people in your office?
What is the biggest mistake you’ve made at work so far? *
Any faux pas you’ve made in the role? Like booking your boss on the wrong flight? Sending invites out to the wrong contact list? Calling a CEO by the wrong name? The biggest the blunder, the better. How was it handled by those around you? Did you resolve it?
Describe your job as though you were trying to recruit new grads. *
How would you describe your job to make it sound as glamorous as possible (without totally lying) Make it sound as sexy/cool/smart/rewarding as possible. Eg an air hostess might say “I put my customer service skills to use while I travel the world, working with other professionals and looking glamorous while doing it”
What is your biggest achievement at work so far? *
It could be a specific project, a promotion, or the way you handled a disagreement. Try to be as specific as possible - i.e. not just “proud of how far I have come” or “proud of how much I have learned” etc. Did you organise a conference for 500+ people? Exceed your budget by 250k? Satisfied a client and they brought you a bottle of champagne? Wrangled a classroom of 30 kids?
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