Minneapolis Jewish Federation: David Tychman Global Experiences Proposal Form
1.Participants have an increased understanding of the relevance and impact of Federation on The Local Community – Jewish & Non-Jewish, The Global Jewish Community, Israel, and Jewish Agencies and Partners.
2.Participants take on increased roles as volunteers and leaders in the community
3.Increased philanthropic commitment to the community

1.Deeper philanthropic commitment to the Minneapolis Jewish Community
2.Deeper engagement with the larger Minneapolis Jewish Community
3.Increased feeling of community built among GE participants
4.Connection to and understanding of the global Jewish community and Israel

These steps and dates need to be calculated into every GE timeline:
1. Proposal submitted to GE committee for approval - 16 months ahead (at least)
2. Determine GE trip dates & Save the date - 15 months ahead (at least)
3. Date itinerary needs to be approved by Chairs - 13 months before GE date
4. Date for when itinerary needs to be sent to trip provided - 13 months before GE date
5. Date for when GE costs need to be provider - 13 months GE date
6. Date for when promotion and recruitment begins along with full marketing timeline - 12 months before GE date
7. Date for when recruitment assessment takes place and determine status of GE - 6 months before GE date
8. Date for Info meeting/s - 1 month after promotion and recruitment officially launched
9. Date for post/debrief meeting - no later than 2 weeks after GE return date

To submit form or with any questions, contact Dan Mogelson at the Minneapolis Jewish Federation. dmogelson@jewishminneapolis.org or 952-417-2311.
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Estimated Time frame of GE (month/year): Proposal should be submitted to GE Committee for approval at least 16 months ahead of program dates. See timeline/benchmarks detail at end of form *
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Submitter Organization or Affinity (if applicable): *
Purpose of GE: *
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GE Organized & Led by (Federation/ Federation Beneficiary Agency/ Other Jewish Community Organization): *
Proposed Chairs for GE (Chairs will lead recruitment efforts and work closely with staff on planning and recruitment strategy): *
Minimum Number of Participants: *
Maximum Number of Participants *
Please indicate if and how much interest has already been communicated for this GE: *
Expectations of Participants pre-trip *
Expectations of Participants during trip: *
Expectations of Participants post trip:
Requested Subsidy per Participant:With or without subsidy, participants are expected to give back after the GE experience by making a personally meaningful contribution to the Minneapolis Jewish Federation’s community campaign, by sharing the experience with the community and by planning or promoting future travel opportunities with the Minneapolis Jewish Federation. *
Are you open to visiting Rehovot, Minneapolis’ partnership (P2G) community? (if GE visits Israel): Partnership 2Gether (P2G) is a program of the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI) that provides opportunities for 500 Jewish communities worldwide to participate in cultural, educational and social exchanges with Israeli communities. P2G strengthens the bonds between Israeli and Diaspora Jewry through “sister city” pairings, and it offers Diaspora Jews a hands-on vehicle to assist in Israel’s economic and community development. *
Are you interested in being hosted in Rehovot? *
Are you open to visiting other community supported sites during the GE? (arrangements provided through Federation) *
Budget (If not Federation led, please provide estimated budget): *
Will there be any fundraising on this GE?: *
How does this GE relate to the goals and intended outcomes of the GE program: See GE Program Goals and Intended Outcomes in the beginning of this form *
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