Indigenous Peoples Day Petition
Christopher Columbus never stepped foot upon the current continental US. His treatment of the Native Peoples is unspeakable. He forced them into slavery for the benefit of himself. He shipped thousands of Tainos back to Spain to be sold into slavery. To prevent an uprising, he sent dismembered bodies of Tainos in a parade through the streets of the so-called “New World”. His actions led to the mass genocide of the Indigenous peoples of the Americas. This is only scratching the surface of what he did to the native peoples in the Americas. We, as citizens of Belmont, do not feel comfortable celebrating a man with such a history of brutality.

Instead, we would like to follow the footsteps of 9 other Massachusetts cities and towns to officially change the name of “Columbus Day” to “Indigenous Peoples Day”. This way, instead of celebrating "the violent history of the colonization in the Western Hemisphere," we can celebrate the true founders of the land we stand upon, and honor the Native American peoples.

By signing this petition, you are in support of changing Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day in Belmont.
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