As CSBA members potentially are required to return to work after the lifting of COVID 19 restrictions, there will be many challenges facing us.

Among the immediate issues are: a) Telecommuting has been proven to work, should this be permanently allowed;
b) How can our work environments be made as safe as possible; and
c) How do we address the looming NYC budget deficit?

Toward that end, we ask that you complete and submit this confidential online member survey as instructed on this link.
A. Should the city extend work from home (“telecommuting”) privileges to each CSBA member who has passed probation and received an overall satisfactory or better evaluation, or for whom there has been no evaluation in more than one year? *
B. If your answer to Question A was “Yes,” then, except for days when CSBA members need to appear at in-person court or administrative hearings, how many days per week should CSBA members be allowed to telecommute? Please select, "Not Applicable" if you answered "No" to Question A. *
C. Many of us have low cubicles and/or spaces with no closable door. Would you be willing to return to the same or a very similar space provided that sneeze guards or similar barriers are erected that are at least 6 feet tall,and that conference room and similar meeting places provide distancing of at least 6 feet of physical separation, even if this means that full unit meetings are no longer possible in one sitting? *
D. In city offices where public interaction is a regular component of work that CSBA members perform, must the city establish plexiglass barriers between us and members of the public? *
E. Should city departments stagger work times, so that workers don’t arrive all at once? *
F. What is the earliest time you would be willing to regularly start work? *
G. What is the latest time you would be willing to regularly depart work? *
H. Do you work on a floor that requires you to ride in an elevator? *
I. Would you have to utilize public transportation when reporting to the office? *
J. To maintain the ability to telecommute, would you be willing to allow your computer time to be monitored? *
K. Do you have a medical condition (i.e.- asthma, autoimmune deficiency, diabetes, heart condition, cancer, etc.) which would require a reasonable accommodation? *
L. Do you live with an elderly person or a person with an at-risk medical condition as described above? *
M. With the city facing huge budget deficits, would you be willing to forego (via a “furlough”) up to one paid day of work per month over the next year if the city guarantees that no CSBA member will be terminated for budgetary reasons during that period? *
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