Puentes de Salud Admin/Flow Internship Application
Please submit your application for the Admin/Flow Coordinator position at Puentes de Salud here. You will need to enter your contact information and add links to your CV and statement of interest. This will require you to upload your documents to Google docs. Your documents and information are only visible to specific Puentes de Salud staff members. Please contact us at studentchair@puentesdesalud.org with questions.

Spanish is a requirement. This position is open for undergraduate and graduate students.

Admin/Flow Coordinator application deadline for the Spring 2019 is December 29, 2018. Please apply early as position fill up fast. Mandatory orientation/training day: January 8th.

Position Description:
- Initial set-up before clinic. Set up other volunteers, welcome providers, patients, set up sign-up sheets, access provider’s schedule calendar, and become familiar with the providers: physicians, nurses, NPs, specialists and support staff.
- Interact with clinic Flow, laboratory charges, make and manage appointments
- Log in to and navigate Patient record system, manage appointments, walk-ins and how patients monitored.
- Assigning providers with consultation rooms for each shift, making
adjustments and doing a pre-clinic walk-through.
- Assign and adjust Clinical 1 medical students to specific providers

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Which days and times are you available weekly? Please check ALL that apply. Note: Please ensure that the dates and times you apply for are correct. If you are accepted, we will use this to assign your weekly shift. Pay special attention to academic and study calendars in advance. Also please note that you may need to stay until the last patient is seen. *
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