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Do you already own a QuickBooks Desktop license?  Which version?
How long have you been using QuickBooks?
Do you want to store documents such as bills and invoices as QuickBooks "attachments" or do you prefer storing them separately?
How much disk space do your existing files take up, e.g. the QBW file and everything in subdirectories below it? *
How many people need to work with QuickBooks at the exact same time?
Where are the people located who would need to access QuickBooks (US state or otherwise)?
Have you worked with Microsoft Remote Desktop already for any other reason or would that be new for you?
In terms of printing, do you have specialty printers at the office for envelopes or labels?  Do some people have home-office printers that they would use when working remotely?
Do you have an employee or contractor who takes care of network admin for you?
How soon would you prefer to action a change to using QuickBooks remotely?
Preferred contact method *
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