Programming Submissions and Suggestions
Penguicon's programming is, by and large, generated by our community. Your ideas, suggestions, and general brainstorming capabilities are combed through by our programming team (via this form) to generate a comprehensive and diverse weekend of so much awesome no one person can experience it all.

If you have an idea for an event, panel, birds of a feather, or gaming event then fill out this form and let us know. You don't have to run an event to suggest one, but suggesting one or more presenters help our programming staff make the magic happen.

In the interest of full transparency, this year we are publishing the suggestions made by our attendees and whether those suggestions will make it to programming. No identifying information will be given - only whether or not a presenter has been identified.

If you're planning on presenting 3 or more hours of programming at Penguicon, or if you provide your presentation documents for us to publish to the community, you will qualify for a discounted badge price. Panelist that present more than three hours of programming pay $30 for their badge.

Once your idea has been submitted, someone from the programming team will reach out to you. If you have questions, you can always reach out to or

Birds of a Feather- a meet-up style event without a real agenda or speaker
Panel- single speaker, multi-speaker, or event about a particular topic presented to an audience without or without participation
DIY Panel- Hands on event where a craft or skill is being taught
Food/Drink Panel-Specific type of event with room requirements, equipment needs, and often participation restrictions
Computer Lab Panel-Specific event that would require participants to have computer access
Gaming Event- Scheduled Board Game events
Special event description: Large Event that falls outside of the normal paneling descriptions. Previous examples include Battle Bots, Geeky Burlesque, and Break-Out Rooms.

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If you are not planning on presenting do you have an idea of who could present?
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If you plan on presenting this event and a duplicate event is suggested would you be open to presenting with the other person?
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Penguicon staff reserves the right to correct grammatical errors, clarify, or enhance your title to help bring more participants to your panel. We have found that interesting titles that have a play on words do well to draw in participants. For example: How to survive the zombie apocalypse with just the things in your backpack: Which is a panel on how to pack your backpack in a way to have everything you need for a week in the woods without weighing 100lbs.
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This would be how you would want the room to be set up, if you need additional tables, if you need to have open space available, any thing you could think of that would affect room placement.
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