School Safety/Security Concern
This form should be used to report a school safety/security concern.  You can submit this form anonymously if you so choose.  With that being said, it may be helpful to disclose your name in case we have additional questions as you may be able to assist.  Please keep in mind that school personnel may not receive this form immediately.  Thus, if there is an imminent threat or you need assistance immediately, you can call the school during normal business hours (7:30-3:30) or call the police.
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Name and contact information (if you wish to disclose)
What is you concern?  Please be specific and include as much detailed information as possible. *
Who are you concerned about?  List individual names if possible. *
Who else knows anything about this concern that could provide us with additional information? *
Is there anything else school officials should be aware of or other important information we should know?  If not, write "No" *
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