EPS - Online Learning K-12
Evart Public Schools is offering an opportunity for the 2020-2021 school year for families to access our classes and teachers through the online platform, Google Classroom. Please read the information below and sign on the second page to indicate your understanding of and willingness to comply with the procedures and expectations for online learning.

Students choosing to access their classes online, at home, will be working along at the same pace as their in-school classmates. Students will then be able to easily rejoin their peers in the classroom at a time when they are ready and able to do so. Should you decide to have your child return to onsite instruction, we ask that you give your student’s principal one week notice. The deadline for selecting the online option is Tuesday, August 4th.

Teachers will be grading student work according to the grading criteria for each class. Grading criteria for online and face to face instruction will be the same.

Students working online will be required to complete all course work assigned by their teacher(s) via Google Classroom. Each teacher will set their own due-dates, class layout, assignments, projects, competency checks, etc. This will require students to log into their classroom(s) each day in order to complete their classes.

Beyond completion of assignments and projects on Google Classroom, students and teachers need to participate in twice a week, two-way communication. Teachers of 5th-12th grade students will send an email to the student’s email account on the 1st day of every school week to check in, offer assistance, and inquire about questions the student may have. The student is required to respond by Wednesday of the same week via email as well as participate in a two way phone conversation sometime during the week with his/her teacher. For the K-4th grade students, teachers will phone/email/text/video conference both the student and the primary parent/guardian twice weekly. Again there must be a two way communication at least two times each week with the student.

Teachers and administration will notify families of upcoming district and state assessments such as M-STEP, MAP, SAT, PSAT, etc. Due to specific limitations placed on the school which are set by each of the assessment protocols, students will be required to come into the school to take these assessments. The school will work with students and families to accommodate specific situations as best as possible.
Please indicate your intentions as of today for online learning realizing that your students will have the option of returning face to face as indicated previously.
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