Eaton HS Application for Student Parking Permit
EHS Students - In order to obtain an EHS Parking Permit:
1. Complete this form including agreement to the NISD Policy regarding Vehicles on Campus as outlined in the Student Code of Conduct.
2. Bring proof of insurance & your Drivers License to the AP office. (9th-11th in A201 and A301/12th 3rd floor C301)
3. Purchase the parking permit. You may pay with cash or check in the AP office or follow link provided after submitting this form to pay online. The cost is $20 for the school year for ALL student parking, there is an additional $100 for a designated Senior parking space.
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NISD Student Vehicles on Campus
Please refer to NISD Student Code of Conduct pg. 69

Students who drive to and from school in personal vehicles must:
1. Obtain and appropriately display a student parking permit;
2. Park in a designated student parking area on campus;
3. Adhere to individual school parking guidelines; and
4. Obey all Texas laws.
Students are expected to follow the expectation of purchasing and displaying a parking pass for and in their vehicle. If students choose not the follow this expectation, the following consequences will occur:
1. First Offense: Written Warning and/or Verbal Warning
2. Second Offense: $30.00 fee assessed to student ($20 PP & $10 fine) via assistant principal conference.
3. Third Offense: Driving privileges will be revoked from EHS property. If vehicle is found on EHS property, vehicle may be towed at owner’s expense.
Vehicles parked on school property are under the jurisdiction of the school. The school reserves the right to search
any vehicle if reasonable suspicions exist to do so. A student has full responsibility for the security of his/her
vehicle and will make certain that it is locked and that the keys are not given to others. A student will be held
responsible for any prohibited objects or substances, such as alcohol, drugs, or weapons, that are found in his/her
car and will be subject to disciplinary action by the District as well as referral for criminal prosecution for having
such objects or substances on school property. Searches of vehicles may be conducted at any time there is
reasonable suspicion to do so, with or without the presence of the student. Students who park on campus must
adhere to all regulations outlined in the Student Handbook and Code of Conduct and other campus publications. If
a vehicle subject to search is locked, the student shall be asked to unlock the vehicle. If the student refuses, the
District shall contact the student's parents. If the parents are unavailable or refuse to permit the vehicle to be
searched, the District may contact local law enforcement officials and turn the matter over to them. Board Policy
The District is not responsible for damage to vehicles or items in vehicles parked on campus at any time.
Illegally parked cars may be towed or impounded by a boot locked on a car tire at the owner's expense.
A campus administrator may terminate a student's driving and/or parking privileges at any time that he/she feels
this action is appropriate. Loss of driving and/or parking privileges does not allow another student driver to drive
the offender's vehicle while he/she (the offender) rides as a passenger.
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Selecting the following item below will make your application complete. Your next step is to obtain a permit from the Assistant Principal's Office.
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