Our Lady's College School Self Evaluation Questionnaire
School Self Evaluation Questionnaire for Parents

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are currently undertaking a school self evaluation of teaching and learning in our school. To help us in that evaluation, we would be very grateful for your views and opinions on the matters in the questionnaire below. The questionnaire should take about 10 minutes to complete. Please note that the questionnaire will be anonymous and all responses will be treated confidentially.

My Daughter is in *
I attended my daughter's Parent Teacher Meeting *
I attend Parent Council Meetings *
My Child is doing well in school? *
There is a good atmosphere in the school
The school is well run
My child feels safe and well looked after in the school
Discipline is good in the school
I have been informed of the school's code of behaviour school rules?
I have been informed of the schools antibullying policy?
I know who to approach in the school if my child experiences bullying
I am confident that if my child experiences bullying the school will act promptly and effectively
I am happy with the amount of homework my child gets *
Teaching is good in the school *
My Child has very few free classes each week *
Teachers regularly check my child's written work *
I sign my child's school journal each week *
The school contacts me if my child needs extra help *
School reports give me a good picture of how my child is doing *
There are good arrangements for parent teacher meetings *
How can the arrangements for Parent Teacher Meetings be improved *
Your answer
As a result of the school's focus on students improvement of verbal skills and oral speaking, do you think your daughter's oral skills have improved *
Are you aware of the school's Literacy and Numeracy Strategies? *
Are there any ways that the school could help your daughter further in the study of her subjects *
Your answer
Are there any ways that the school could help your daughter further in her personal and social development *
Your answer
How can the school be improved?
Your answer
Any other comments/suggestions *
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