CCiL Croydon Chinese School Enrolment Form                                           凯敦中文学校报名表 2022-2023
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学生英文姓名 Student's English name *
学生中文姓名 Student's Chinese name (if applicable)
性别 Gender *
出生日期  Date of birth *
就读的年级 School year group *
学生学习的语言The language the student learns *
家庭地址 (请附上邮编) Address with postcode *
家长/监护人 Parent/Guardian *
家长/监护人手机号码  Mobile number of parent/guardian *
家长/监护人电邮 Email of parent/guardian *
在校兄弟姊妹中英文姓名 Names of siblings attending this school (Please state English and Chinese names)
是否曾经就读过其他的中文学校, 如有, 该填学校名称 Have attended Chinese school in the past, if yes, state the name of school
如学生有特殊健康情况, 需要校方知道, 请填写 Please state any medical conditions or allergies the school needs to be aware of
如遇紧急事故, 除家长外, 校方可以寻找的联系人 In case of any emergency, the school needs details of a family friend or relative to contact (not parents) . 紧急联系人姓名Name of emergency contact *
紧急联系人手机号码 Emergency contact mobile number *
紧急联系人与学生的关系 Relationship with student *
请勾选下面的方框 Please tick the box  below *
请将学费 £220, *GCSE 班学费£250  用转账的方式付款至学校 Barclays Bank 账户, 账户名:CCIL CROYDON CHINESE SCHOOL, Sort code: 20-24-61, Account number: 60229113 (麻烦写上学生姓名和班级『如果知道的话』以便确认, 谢谢!)
Please pay the fee £220,*GCSE class *£250 to Barclays Bank, Account name: CCIL CROYDON CHINESE SCHOOL, Sort code: 20-24-61, Account number: 60229113 (Please put student's name and class if applicable as reference. )If  school fee received after  3rd July 2022, an administrative fee of £5 will be charged.
 If you pay by term, the fee is £80 per term,*GCSE class is £90 per term
A 5% discount on school fees is available for two or more children from the same family.
声明 Declaration:家长/监护人姓名 Print name of parent/guardian               *
声明 Declaration:签名 Signature                                                                           *
声明 Declaration:日期 Date *
请将填妥的表格并提交。谢谢!Please completed this form and submit. Thanks!                                                                                                                                 若您有任何询问,请致电 07508747084 普通话, 07828023323 粤语 或电邮至    For further queries please call 07508747084 Mandarin , 07828023323 Cantonese or email to 
Registered Charity No. 1107568  l  Registered Company No. 5285135  l  Evangelical Alliance Member No. 151789
校方填写 Office use                                                                                                             入学日期 Starting date:                                          入学年级Class:                  School Fee  ☐                                                              Recorded   ☐
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