B2B Growth Dinners
You can build community with a blog.

You can build community with conferences.

You can build community with social media.

We've chosen to build a community with our podcast, B2B Growth.

But there's a big downside to building a community through a podcast: it's a one-way conversation.

Jonathan and I get to talk with brilliant B2B leaders, and we push those conversations...one-way...to listeners.

But great community isn't a one-way street. So we're shaking up our approach.

We're organizing small dinners across the country with our guests and listeners.

No sales pitches. No agenda. Just great conversations with like-minded people.

We'll talk business. We'll talk family. We'll talk goals and dreams. We'll build friendships.

If you'd like to be part of a B2B Growth Dinner, fill out the information below.

We're excited to get to know you better.
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