Student Survey -- Rogers Adventist School
Survey for Upper Columbia Conference Schools regarding standards for accreditation of Seventh-day Adventist Schools
Instructions: Your opinion about the quality of the school program is important. Please complete this student survey. Your responses will remain confidential.
Current grade in school: *
Number of years you have been attending this school: *
Rate your school by choosing the number that corresponds with your level of agreement with the following statements about the school.
Number 1= Strongly Disagree; Number 2 = Disagree; Number 3 = Neutral; Number 4 = Agree; Number 5 = Strongly Agree
Spiritual activities at my school are excellent.
I am actively involved in the spiritual activities of the school.
Spiritual values are emphasized in each of my courses.
My school has helped me to grow spiritually and develop a closer relationship with Jesus.
My school is preparing us to deal with issues and problems we will face in the future.
I see a relationship between what I am studying and my life.
My school is helping me to explore career options.
In my classes a variety of teaching and learning activities is provided to help me learn.
Technology is incorporated into classroom instruction in my courses.
Homework assignments help me learn.
I have access to a variety of resources to help me learn, such as computers, Internet access, current library resources, etc.
I have been taught how to use these resources to help me with my schoolwork.
My school's facilities, such as clssrooms, laboratories, library, gymnasium, playground, etc., are adequate.
Equipment and materials are well maintained and up-to-date.
In addition to written tests and quizzes, I am provided with a variety of ways to demonstrate my learning, such as projects, portfolios, etc.
The academic program is of high quality.
My teachers care about me.
My teachers are available to help me outside of class time.
The principal is available to students.
School spirit is high.
I feel that I fit in and am accepted.
My school is free of substance abuse.
Discipline policies at my school are fair.
My school provides a safe and orderly environment.
My school is free of personal harassment/bullying/hazing.
My school provides a variety of extracurricular activities that meet the needs and interests of students.
The student body organization is active.
My school encourages all students to participate in community and mission projects.
My family feels welcome at this school.
Overall, I like my school.
What are the spiritual strengths of this school?
Your answer
How would you improve spirituality in this school?
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What are the academic strengths of this school?
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How would you improve academics in this school?
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What are the extracurricular strengths of this school?
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How would you improve extracurricular activities in this school?
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Thank you for your time in responding to this survey.
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