Meditation Teacher
Level 1 (starting up)
No qualifications necessary. However students should show willing to want to help people relax through modern meditation practices. There are only 10 spaces per course. courses run for 12 weeks for level 1.

Please fill application below
Closing date for applications is 11/11/20
We will carefully asses each application and be in touch via email

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Can you attend our weekly online class via zoom? Monday evenings 7pm? and in person 1 monthly workshop? Please note there may be flexibility on days and times. use Questions box at bottom of application. *
In your own words. What makes a good meditation teacher? *
Would you be interested in obtaining insurance through our recommended insurers? *
Please note level 1 Diploma cannot be used to teach Children or young adults under the age of 18 in your practice. *
Do you intend to set up your own practice? *
If yes to previous question. How do you intend to set up. *
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Closing date for applications 19.6.20
Please allow 2 working days after closing date for applications to be approved or denied

Good luck

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