ACES Reopening Survey to Parents/Families
The purpose of this form is to helps us better plan for the upcoming school year. It should be completed by parents or guardians of students enrolled in ACES schools. If you have multiple students enrolled in ACES schools, please submit separate entries for each student.

Please contact your school principal if you have any questions.
My student attends the following school: *
Please select all that apply. *
Is there any reason your student cannot wear a mask/face covering at school? *
If you answered "Yes" above, please explain.
Does your child have any pre-existing health issues that put them at high risk should they contract COVID-19? *
If you answered "Yes" above, please explain.
Is there anyone living in your home in a high-risk category for contracting COVID-19 (e.g., with pre-existing health issues such as cancer or a respiratory illness or over the age of 65) or may have frequent contact with people who have tested positive for COVID-19 (e.g., works in the medical field or is a first responder)? *
If you answered "Yes" above, please explain.
If in-person learning resumes in the fall, will you send your student to school? *
If you answered "No" above, please explain.
If you could choose either in-person school or remote school in the fall, which would you choose for your student? *
Please explain your response.
As of today, transportation to/from school will be provided as usual. Please select how your student will be transported to and from school. *
If you answered "Other" above, please explain.
Does your student have reliable internet access at home? *
Does your student have access to a tablet, laptop or computer at home? *
Will your student have someone at home to support them with distance learning at home? *
What else would you like to share?
So we can follow-up with you as needed, please provide your student's name:
What is your student's grade level?
Your name:
Your preferred way of being contacted (telephone number, email address):
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