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YWAM England and Wales, as an agency working with children and young people, is exempt from the UK Rehabilitation of Offenders Act (1974) and therefore applicants must declare all previous convictions. Police record checks can be made by YWAM to verify information.
Have you ever been charged with, cautioned or convicted in relation to any criminal offence not subject to DBS(Disclosure and Baring Service) filtering rules; or are you at present the subject of a criminal investigations/pending prosecution? *
If yes, please give details including the nature of the offences and the dates. Please give details of the court(s) where your conviction(s) were heard, the type of offence and sentence(s) received. Could you also give details of the reasons and circumstances that led to the offence(s). *
Have you ever been the subject of a police investigation in any country, which did not lead to a criminal conviction (not subject to DBS filtering rules)? *
If yes, please give details below, including the date of the investigation, the Police Force involved, details of the investigation and the reason for this, and disposal(s) if known. *
To your knowledge have you ever had any allegation made against you, which has been reported to, and investigated by, Social Services/Social Work Department (Children’s or Adult Social Care)? *
If yes, please provide details, we will need to discuss this with you. *
Has there ever been any cause for concern, any disciplinary action ever been taken against you or written warning given to you in any country, by any employer or any charitable or other organization or body working with children or young people in relation to your behavior with children or young people? *
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1. Describe your Christian conversion experience and your current relationship with God *
2. What are your expectations from your time with us? *
3. Do you have any health problems, diet restrictions or any disabilities that may affect your day-to-day life? If yes, please outline how your life-performance might be limited. *
4. Is there anything else you think we should know about yourself or your family? (e.g. current personal issues, health issues regarding you or your children, children’s educational needs, dependant close relatives) *
5. What is your purpose in training with us? *
6. How do you think you would cope with living closely with others in limited personal space? *
7. What gifts and strengths do you think you bring to the ministry? *
8. How did God lead you to apply to this location? (Please mention any connections you have with this location) *
9. In what areas do you see growth in your personal life? *
10. What do you and others recognize your main weaknesses to be? *
I understand that:
In accordance with the UK GDPR regulations of 2018, It is a requirement that all organizations holding personal data show that they have gained explicit consent from each user to hold data regarding information provided on this application. By signing the application form you agree for your information to be in our database. This form will be held securely, confidentially and will not be kept for longer than is necessary to achieve the stated purpose of recruitment, selection, supplementary personal details and statistics, or that required by law or our insurance company.
Consent for Treatment - an Emergency Provision
In the event that I am unable to sign a consent form due to incapacity, I hereby give my consent for any treatment/medical intervention deemed necessary by the attending health care professionals. Whilst YWAM will make every effort to contact my next of kin/emergency contacts, there may be situations where this is not possible. I, therefore, give permission for YWAM to act in my best interests. I recognize that in an emergency situation it is standard operating procedure to always act in the interest of preserving life.
Realease of Liability
Though every effort is made to provide a safe environment, Youth With A Mission Urban Key London, their agents, employees and trainee assistants are insured against loss or injury caused by the negligence of Youth With A Mission.
In the absence of any negligence or other breach of duty by Youth With A Mission Urban Key London, participation in a Youth with A Mission organized program, event or outreach is entirely at the participant’s own risk.
Accordingly participants are required to have adequate medical insurance for all phases of their involvement with Youth With A Mission.
Safeguarding Declaration
If needed, I consent to a criminal records check if appointed to the position for which I have applied. I am aware that details of pending prosecutions, previous convictions, cautions, or bind overs against me may be disclosed along with any other relevant information, which may be known to the police.
If needed, I understand that, if I am a UK resident, a check will be made with the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) and that it is an offence for any person to commence Regulated Activity without first providing a valid DBS Disclosure. If I am an overseas resident, I understand that I will need to provide a police check from my home nation if the position I am appointed to requires it.
I agree to inform the person within the YWAM base/team responsible for processing applications for Disclosure and Barring Service checks if I am convicted of an offence after I take up any post within YWAM England. I understand that failure to do so may lead to the immediate suspension of my work with children or vulnerable adults and/or the termination of my work/training association with YWAM.
Due to the nature of the living environment for most of our YWAM teams, with staff and families with small children living in close proximity, we need to also ask you to sign this statement.
I agree to inform the person within YWAM responsible for processing applications for the Disclosure and Barring Service if I become the subject of a police and/or a social services/(Children’s Social care or Adult Social Services)/social work department investigation. I understand that failure to do so may lead to the immediate suspension of my work with children or vulnerable adults and/or the termination of my work/training and association with YWAM.
I confirm that I am not barred from working with children/vulnerable adults.
I am stating that I have read and agree with the DECLARATIONS, CONSENT FOR TREATMENT and RELEASE OF LIABILITY sections above. *
I also am declaring that I have completed this application truthfully and to the best of my knowledge. *
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