The Legislature Must Remove the CCPA from the Budget Bill
Dear Legislator:

We represent dozens of community and citizen-based groups across New York State, alarmed by both the public health and climate change impacts of our dependency on fossil fuels. Because of these concerns and our collective knowledge, we are strongly opposed to the inclusion of the Community and Climate Protection Act (CCPA) in the Assembly Budget Bill (or in any other form).

The CCPA has several critical flaws that DO NOT achieve many of the objectives defined in its legislative intent. These flaws were identified publicly months ago by prominent scientists and experts including Keith Schue, Anthony Ingraffea, and Jannette Barth. Some of these flaws might actually increase our dependency on fossil fuels.

For months the authors of the bill promised that these flaws would be fixed and revised language would be sent to both the experts and public for review. This has not happened. Indeed, many of us were willfully misinformed that the concerns of the experts were addressed and language revised.

Just a few days ago we became aware of an antidemocratic attempt to include the entire CCPA in the Assembly budget in order to evade scientific and public scrutiny of the bill. This lack of transparency is simply unacceptable in a democracy, and we will hold any legislator who supports such tactics accountable.

Please note that some of us belong to groups that NYRenews has listed as its “members.” That does not mean we endorse either this bill in its current form or this antidemocratic tactic.

We demand the immediate removal of the CCPA from the 2017 Assembly budget bill. We further demand that any bill on Climate Change be voted on as a stand-alone bill after FULL public review and scrutiny.

Thank You.

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