Thank you so much for your time. The following survey has been set up by Anthony and Estelle, French landscape engineering interns who are working on the design of the Festival Beach Food Forest. We want to understand the needs, ideas, and hopes of the local community, to help us make designs for the food forest to best serve the community. Please be as precise as possible in your answers to the following questions. This survey should take 5 to 10 minutes. Thank you!
Have you ever heard of the Festival Beach Food Forest ? *
Are you a: *
How have you heard of the Festival Beach Food Forest ?
Do you make use of the park, and why ?
If you know of the park but haven't visited, can you explain why:
Have you ever taken part in the maintenance of the park ?
What are the main things you need / want to see, as a user of the park ?
In your opinion, how can we improve the food forest ?
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