Where can RMPS take you?
I am hoping to inspire my pupils a little more and show kids the relevance of RME/ RMPS (Religious Moral Education/ Religious Moral Philosophical Studies) or related subjects (e.g. Religious Studies, Philosophy, Classics, Theology), in school and show that it can lead to so many paths and there's so many different reasons why they should opt into studying it further.
I am looking to have a few case studies of people in a whole range of careers and walks of life who have opted to study Religion, Philosophy or similar subjects further, why they chose to do so and what they gained from the experience. I am hoping to then have these stories on my site www.learningrmps.com

The case study would look a little like this one here. I would be happy to add a link to your twitter or other site, if you are not comfortable having your picture displayed a picture that represents your career/ life will be added or an Avatar/ bitmoji is also acceptable.

Any Questions I can be reached on learningrmps@icloud.com

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