17-storey Kilburn Square development: have your say!
As you will know, Brent Council is planning extensive new buildings on and around Kilburn Square, including a 17-storey tower on the site of the Brondesbury Road Mental Health Centre.

Brent's plans would involve six new blocks in total, which will nearly double the number of flat on the estate. It will also remove the children's playground, remove current green space, remove car parking, and cut down many established and mature trees.

Brent conducted a survey of estate residents in February and March, but it didn't ask your views on whether you wanted this huge development to go ahead. Despite that, the survey is now being used to justify the development, by saying there are high levels of resident engagement with the council!

So we're asking you straight-up your views about the development, so they can be reflected going forwards, and we can stand up for you. We also want residents off the estate, but who will be affected by it to comment. A new 17-storey tower won't just affect residents on the estate, but will overshadow surrounding areas too.

There are many things that could be improved about the estate, and we think Brent should focus on them. Our view is that improving security and safety should be the top priority, but please let us know yours.
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