Volunteer Engagement
Warmest greetings from LoveYourself! We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy in this current situation. Thank you for expressing your interest and time to help out with our organization and advocacy. We are now accepting new volunteers for Manila, Cebu, Bacolod, and Baguio, albeit in a limited capacity as the COVID-19 pandemic remains in our country.

Allow us to present how our volunteer recruitment procedures goes:

Step 01 - Fill up this form.
Step 02 - Undergo an online interview.
Step 03 - Attend the orientation.

We hope you would be able to join us at this time to help serve and support our community. :)
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Before you start, check if:
> You are already familiar with the campaigns and ventures of LoveYourself.
> You are aware of the values and advocacy approach of this organization you're wanting to join.
> You've already become regular and comfortable getting tested with our testing centers or testing activities.
> You do have the physical and mental energy, and time and availability to be helping out.

If you've said yes to almost all the points above (especially that last part), then onward!
Please bear in mind...
Your volunteer experience in the organization will mainly be in a virtual participation, as we want to ensure your health and safety. You will select a role and committee that you would be able to fill in LoveYourself.

As we are looking for volunteers with specific expertise and backgrounds at this time, do know that we may not be immediately able to accommodate everyone interested in helping out. If you may have other talents and know-how apart from what we are currently looking for, we would be happy to have you soon in the future, in better times, hopefully. :)

A reminder...
Once we have received and gone over your response, do expect a follow-up email regarding your application, and further details of your interview (Step 02).

If you have any questions or concerns, please email recruitment@loveyourself.ph. Thank you!
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