PPIE Survey to Community
This survey is anonymous and will help guide PPIE funding to Pleasanton schools for the 2018-2019 school year. Your funding preferences will be considered as PPIE works with your school's principal's office and with District (PUSD) leadership to fund supplemental staff (see description below) that directly benefit our students and schools.
1. How many children do you have in a Pleasanton Unified school?
2. Please select the school(s) of attendance:
3. For the 2016-2017 school year, PPIE funded 2 extra hours per day for a library assistant or site tech specialist at all our elementary and middle schools, plus an additional class section and library hours at our high schools, plus 3 full-time instructional coaches in math, tech and English. With sufficient funding (our goal this year is $1 million), PPIE can fund more supplemental staff! Please rank your priorities for supplemental staff from the following list of 8 options (1 for top choice, 2 for 2nd, etc. - for mobile device, you may need to swipe left to see all options). If you do not have a preference, please indicate this and we will work with your principal and school staff.
Library Assistant (2 hrs/day) - PUSD funds 5 hrs/day)
Site Technology Specialist (2 hrs/day) - PUSD funds 6 hrs/day
Classroom aide (to work with students in support of academic interventions, including mainstreamed special education students or English language learners)
Instructional/Intervention Specialist (English, math, technology, interventions for all students who need help)
Additional counselor
Additional class section (middle and high schools)
I do not have a strong opinion; please work with the principal to make the best selection for my school
Other - if you select this, please indicate your preference in the comment section at the end of the survey
4. See how much you know! PPIE (Pleasanton Partnerships in Education Foundation) is a 501c3 nonprofit foundation, founded in 1987, that funds supplemental staff, targeted technology and teacher/student grants for all 14,500 students across 15 schools in Pleasanton. We complement school parent clubs (PTA/PTSA/PFC), music/athletics Booster programs, and the school district (PUSD) to supplement State Government funding and sustain our A+ school rating. 80% of PPIE funds come from Pleasanton school families and 100% of parent funding goes back to Pleasanton schools! Please indicate which 'fun facts' you already knew about PPIE before reading this section - select as many as you like:
5. How often do you donate to PPIE?
6. If you choose not to donate to PPIE, we certainly understand - many groups need your support. Please tell us why so that we can better collaborate with you and with our partner organizations to support our students and schools!
Your answer
7. Other education foundations in comparable districts also ask for parent donations to fund staff and programs at their schools. For example: foundations in Palo Alto, Lafayette and San Ramon ask for $1,000 per student per year and fund a broad range of programs and staff. We encourage you to visit their websites to learn more. PPIE asks for $500 per student. We welcome any amount and offer a 10 month payment plan. If 100% of Pleasanton families donate at least $100/student/year, we can raise over $1.5 million and fund what your schools really need (currently, less than 20% of families donate to PPIE; other foundations receive 50% to 80% parent participation). And remember our Super Match Campaign from Giving Tuesday (Nov 28) to Super Bowl Sunday (Feb 4) where PPIE will boost your donation from major donors in the Pleasanton community! GO TO WWW.PPIE.ORG TO LEARN MORE AND TO DONATE! Please indicate the level per student your family is able to provide in order to fund the staff our schools need to sustain our exceptional Pleasanton schools.
8. Please provide any additional comments and suggestions here.
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