Module 2A: History/Legislation
The following questions relate to the history and legislation that has contributed to students with intellectual disabilities having the opportunity to enroll in higher education. To receive credit for this section, you must score an 80%. You may reattempt the quiz as many times as needed.
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1. True or False: IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) created supports for students in both K-12 and college settings.
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2. Which pieces of legislation require colleges, universities, and vocational schools to offer "reasonable accommodations" to students with disabilities (often through a Disability Services Office)? *
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3. What is the national organization that you would go to to learn about research and data regarding inclusive higher education? *
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4. Which of the following was NOT an outcome of the re-authorization of the 2008 Federal Higher Education Opportunity Act? *
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5. The Inclusive Higher Education Act of 2016 (Colorado Senate Bill 196), accomplished which of the following? *
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