Madison Menstrual Equity Initiative Registration
On Saturday, January 30th from 3:00pm - 5:00pm Bleed Shamelessly will be hosting a showcasing event where speakers, artists, and musicians share their work surrounding menstruation, social justice, and politics. Additionally, the Bleed Shamelessly Team will be releasing a series of informative videos surrounding menstrual equity!

The event is being held to fundraise for providing menstrual products to students and families in the Madison Metropolitan School District. If you are interested in donating, visit this link:

If you are interested in showcasing your art or speaking at the event, please email:

*NOTE: Registration nor donation is not required for this event, but we appreciate both!**
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If you would be willing to donate, we greatly thank you. All proceeds are going directly towards providing period products to students and families in Madison.
Please visit this link to donate:
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