Designers- Textile Waste Survey

Thank you for taking a few moments to fill out this survey.  Your input is crucial to our work of creating resilient local economies while preparing for climate change by identifying the gaps within the clothing and textile industries in Pennsylvania and identifying the sources and quantity of textile waste in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

The information you provide in this survey will be used to help identify gaps, highlight PA businesses and measure textile waste in our region. Please remember, the more we can support the local industry and suppliers (cut and sew facilities, pattern makers, fabric suppliers etc.), the more affordable and accessible these services and products will be for everyone. Any answers you provide will remain anonymous and will not be linked to your business. We greatly appreciate any information you are able to provide.

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What is your brand name? (this is for internal use only and will not be shared)
Approximately how many trash bags full of textile waste does your business create annually? (This includes donations)
What is the approximate percentage of 100% natural fiber content (cotton, linen, silk, etc.) within your waste?
  ex: 50% of waste are natural fibers (50 out of 100 bags are cotton)
 What do you do with this waste?
What is the approximate percentage of mixed synthetics (polyester, spandex, nylon, etc.) within your waste?
 What do you do with this waste?
How many trash bags full of other remnants (thread, trim, craft and/or sewing supplies) do you dispose of annually, including donations?
 What do you do with this waste?
What %, if any, of your fabric and trim waste is proprietary?
What do you do with inventory you can’t sell?
Can your samples be resold or reused?
Do you outsource any of the following:
If yes, please list each company you outsource to. This will help us to trace the waste stream and provide better solutions.
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