Straight Up Gay Podcast Pre-interview
Pre-interview questionnaire for the podcast interview. Brief responses are fine, details will be covered in the interview.
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What name would you like to use on the show? (You do not need to use your real name) *
Are you over 18 years old or an emancipated minor? *
What is your sexual orientation? *
What is your gender identity *
What are your preferred pronouns? *
Where do you live? (Country, State or Province, and City) *
Are you religious or do you follow any particular religion? Please describe briefly. *
What is your relationship status? Single, married, dating, looking, etc... *
Do you work or go to school? *
What is the earliest LGBTQ experience you recall? How old were you and briefly describe the experience. *
If you are out, when did you first come out? How old were you? Who did you come out to first? How did it go? Please briefly describe it. *
Is your family supportive? *
Have you come out to your parents? How did it go? *
How do you live your daily life (i.e. In the closet, out, out and proud, stealth, etc..) *
Have you experienced any aggression or discrimination because you were LGBTQ? Please describe *
Describe a time in which you received some much needed support or validation at a time it made a difference in your day or life. *
Is there something going on in society, culture, or politics that concerns you about the future for LGBTQ people? *
Is there something that makes you hopeful about the future for LGBTQ people? *
Have you ever sought help or assistance from a professional or LGBTQ support organization for anything related to your gender or sexual orientation? *
Do you want to share any social media information about yourself? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit? *
Do you know of any LGBTQ support organization you would like to plug on the show? Please provide web links or social media if possible. *
How do you connect with other LGBTQ people? Groups in person or online? Social media sites or blogs? *
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