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* Set up time is between 9pm-Midnight the night before & Pick up time is on Celebration Date between 9pm-Midnight unless otherwise agreed too. ** WE WILL BE CLOSED 5/28 - 5/31 **
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If this is NOT your address please advise someone living there to reschedule any lawn mowing. Buyer is always liable for theft or damage to the display per contract.
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* Please note we must charge an additional $1.25 per mile IF delivery address is over our free 15 mile service area from Raymore City Hall.
To figure mileage, please click the link below and click directions, enter your delivery address to figure mileage. Just subtract 15 miles from total (fastest) miles.
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Please Reschedule Grass Mowing On Celebration Day. *
Buyer is responsible for any damage to display. If display is not on your property, please have someone at property reschedule.
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