PBN News Writers Agreement
PBN News is an online ezine created by the Pagan Business Network to give Pagans a voice. For the purposes of this agreement PBN News, Pagan Business Network, PBN Radio and all other aspects of the Pagan Business Network will be referred to as PBN.

PBN accepts submissions from beginners as well as more experienced writers on a wide range of topics including, but not limited to, community events within the Pagan community, events outside the Pagan community, world events, local events, national events, how-to and diy articles, editorial opinion pieces, interviews, spotlights on businesses, artists, musicians, etc., travel articles and more.

Writers must be prepared to submit a minimum of one piece every 2 weeks. Should the writer fail to do so, it is left up to PBN’s discretion whether to keep that writer’s status as active or not. Should the writer become inactive, any elite spot filled by the writer becomes available to other writers.

All submissions must be the original work of the author/artist. If the writer collaborated with others, PBN will need permission from the other writers in order to publish the submission. We do not condone plagiarism or copyright infringement. If the writer quotes someone, the quote must be cited as to who is quoted and in what context.

Finding something published on the internet on various sites does not constitute public domain and does not cover copyright infringement issues. The burden is on the author/writer/artist to assure that the work submitted is their own and does not violate copyright laws.

PBN does not accept any articles that defame, bully, intimidate or harass others. Language that intimidates, harasses, bullies or demeans people based on their gender, sexual orientation, race, religion (or lack thereof), or disability is expressly prohibited. While some of our articles will be opinion pieces, those opinions can be written in ways do not create an atmosphere of harassment. Whether or not a piece violates these terms is solely up to PBN’s discretion.

Articles submitted may be used by PBN on the website as well as in other ways such as marketing. The writer agrees to this irrevocable use by PBN of their work. The writer remains the sole owner of the submission and can be published it elsewhere. PBN respectfully asks that the writer credit the article as “originally published by PBN News…..” If the article has been published before, the writer will provide PBN with that information so PBN can credit those sources as having published the piece earlier.

PBN respects the hard work put into creating the submission but reserves the right to edit for clarity and grammar as well as other needs deemed necessary by PBN.

PBN promotes their writers as well as the articles. To do this, PBN needs to create graphics for social media and biographies for the website. The writer agrees to provide PBN with the appropriate photos and information allowing PBN to put these promotional tools together. In addition, the writer agrees that PBN will use these materials in marketing, included but not limited to social media, print ads, flyers and websites.

Submission Requirements:

1.  All submitted content is subject to approval by the PBN News Network staff.
2.  All content submitted must be owned exclusively by the author.  Any previously published content must contain its original publication information.  By submitting it to us, you state that you will comply and all content will meet this guideline.
3.  All how-to pieces offering tips, techniques, methodologies, opinions, or insight must be of value to the reader and reflect your expertise on the subject.
4.  Articles must not contain non relevant usage of explicit sexual content or explicit language.  All articles should contain a content advisory in the first paragraph if the piece contains these subjects. Nor should articles contain gratuitous usage of profanity.  Medical, or educational articles referring to such matters should be done so with relevance and taste with all relevant sources quoted.
5.  No submitted content or article shall contain medical advice of any kind.
6.  Articles should not contain content that incites violence, radicalism, or discriminatory views against any groups or individuals.
7.  Articles should contain all attributions to images and media that are not the sole property of the author up to an including stock photography.  By submitting this content, you attest your right to use this material, and take full ethical and legal responsibility for any breach of copyright or ethics.  Any falsification of factual information, deliberate or accidental, will result in the immediate removal of content.  All articles are subject to editorial review and alteration.
8.  News articles shall contain no less than 3 hyperlinks to relevant content. All pieces should contain a minimum word count of 500. Interviews should start at a minimum of 1,000 words with at least one attributed photo.
9.  Pen Names are allowed, however we must have a verifiable legal name for our records that we shall keep confidential in accordance with all local laws. PBN writers must be 18 years of age or older.

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