Organic Farmers directly affected by 2022 Floods
Are you an organic farmer that has been directly affected by the floods in NSW or QLD?  The Organic & Regenerative Investment Co-operative (ORICoop) is putting a call out to assist farmers at this difficult time.  We would like to hear from you.

We want to support organic producers as you face your road to recovery from these horrific flood.  We are critically aware of the complexity for certified organic producers affected by natural disasters to retain their organic certification, and we are here to help.  With morale support, guidance and others that have been through bushfires and floods before.  We are keen to rally people that are able to help, with those that are in the direct line of damage, now and in the coming weeks and months to come.  And to work with certifiers where appropriate, to support the restoration of organic farming businesses in times of such unprecedented events.

ORICoop is founded on the principles of Co-operative values, preserving & enhancing certified organic farmland, localised and resilient food and farming production systems.  True Cooperative principles are around caring about our communities in times of need, and looking beyond our own needs in difficult times.

Details about ORICoop are here -


* Your business type (livestock, horticulture & dairy)
* Location/Region
* Damage or assistance required
* Biodiversity/Regeneration plan
* Accessibility & timeframes

**  If you are a certified organic producer in need of help - make sure you contact your certifier to verify any derogations, consideration or limitations in your current enterprise.  (We will need these details to assist you)

**  If you prefer to contact us directly - our email is 

** All requests for help are done so in strict confidence
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Area/Region (main/central base)
Your website, farm Instagram or FaceBook page?
What is the main effect and damage from the floods on your farming business?  What size is your enterprise?
What sort of organic product do you (or were you) producing?
Are you certified organic/biodynamic?  What is your certification number? And who are you certified with?
If you are not certified, have you operated your farm on organic principles.  Can you demonstrate this?
What is your main area of need for your organic farming business to continue?  Short and longer term?
What sort of support is likely to be most beneficial?
What sort of physical support is likely to be required post immediate danger?
Are there other types of non-farming support that could assist you?  
What type of volunteer assistance could assist in your recovery? (After the immediate danger has passed).  
Do you have other organic producers in your region that may also be in need?  Would you be able to assist as a local representative in your area?
Do you have capacity to acquire product (like fodder) at low or nominal cost?  (or tap into any local funding to assist with some of the cost?)  Would you like someone to contact you regarding this?
Would you like one of our Volunteers to contact you to discuss your needs (in strict confidence)?  When is a good time?
What do you think is the main effect on native wildlife in your area?  What could be done to assist their recovery in short and longer term? (is this of concern to you or not?)
What is the affect on your property and surrounding area on the native vegetation?  What could assist in it's restoration in the short and longer term?
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