25 Years of IACES-LC Porto

Between the 8th and the 15th of March 2019, LC Porto will celebrate its 25th Anniversary.
Porto has been 2017's European Best Destination and now you have the opportunity to visit and find more about it.

But wait! We will not celebrate just one day!
You will have a bunch of surprises and the opportunity to discover two more magnificent cities from the North of Portugal, Braga and Guimarães.
This includes project visits, lectures and social/cultural activities.
Our aim is to get you into the traditional Portuguese spirit, especially the spirit of the people from the North.

This spetacular event has its inscriptions limited till 31 of December 2019. So don't waist time!!!
Only 3 members per LC are allowed, but if more want to come, please contact us.

Participation Fee:

Students from Country A - 165€
Students from Country B - 158€
Students from Country C - 150€
Students from Country D - 143€

Alumni with less than 1 year of experience

Students from Country A - 198€
Students from Country B - 190€
Students from Country C - 182€
Students from Country D - 173€

Alumni with more than 1 year of experience

Students from Country A - 236€
Students from Country B - 213€
Students from Country C - 197€
Students from Country D - 189€
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