Criminal Justice Questionnaire Falsely Accused
Thank you for taking the time to look at the Criminal Justice Questionnaire, for the falsely accused.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to group together and substantiate the thousands of accounts of the true victims of false accusations, those that have been accused of rape and sexual assault. These unfounded claims are not limited to destroying the lives of the person against who the allegation was made but their family and friends as well.

The questionnaire has been designed two-fold, first of all, to show how false allegations are destroying lives, not just of the accused but also their families and friends. And secondly to get an idea of what is happening across the country with regard to all the False Accusations both recent and historic, and to see how different statutory authorities in different geographical areas deal with them and to get an idea of which courts actually listen to the facts and realise that the accusations are nothing more than the lies that they are.

Officers have been directed to believe the victim which has had a devastating impact on how police investigations have been carried out under the current (but recently resigned) leader of CPS Alison Saunders. It is expected that some Constabularies/CPS catchment areas will have higher “success” rates than others. These figures are imperative in identifying areas of concern.

We are reaching out to anyone who has been affected to fill out this questionnaire.

This is your opportunity to discuss the impact this has had on your family lives, relationships, careers, finances and health.

If you are a relative, friend or you are even the accused we need to hear what happened, how it was dealt with and what the outcome was. This is your opportunity to discuss the failings in your case and to highlight what you think could be done to prevent this from happening to anyone else.

This questionnaire is completely CONFIDENTIAL and only if you want to, do you have to give us your details, by doing so we will keep you up to date on the data we are collecting.

We plan to organise a movement in 2019 through the City of London whereby the results will be presented to Parliament along with a published report of all the findings and any associated supporting information.

Please be mindful NOT to name the accuser as this would be illegal as you must remember they are protected with LIFETIME ANONYMITY.

Thank you for the time that you have afforded this campaign we hope it will make a difference and we hope to see you once a date is set to take this to Parliament and enforce change.

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