Keystroke Medium Podcast Survey
We're looking for a little feedback from our loyal listeners on what you enjoy about the podcast feed and how we can make it better.

As a thank you, we're giving away three print copies of James S. Aaron's SF Novel Workbook on Amazon ( a $5 value. (You might be able to sell it for $3 for beer.)
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How long have you been part of Keystroke Medium?
I just found you all yesterday (less than 1 year)
I'm like family. Where's my beverage? (3 - 5 years)
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How do you get your KSM? *
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How do you listen?
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We're thinking about doing weekly topics across all shows, so like "Productivity Week" or "Audience Building" Week.
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How would you describe Keystroke Medium to friends?
Say as much or as little as you are motivated to say.
What are your favorite kinds of shows?
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If Keystroke went to a different social network than Facebook, which would you prefer?
What's your current creative goal?
How can we help you? (We're being serious with this question.)
What could the show or group do differently?
"All Chuck, All the Time" has already been shared.
What do you think is holding KSM back from a larger audience?
Hygiene is not a helpful answer.
Do you want to be entered in the drawing for a copy of The SF Novel Workbook by James S. Aaron? (Check it out here:
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