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Hi, I'm Miles Matrix, a synthwave producer from Vienna, but I also have a couple of playlists on Spotify that are open for submission.

- Cyberpunk-themed Dark Synthwave (non-vocal)

- Essential Synthwave Collection (showcasing the whole spectrum of Synthwave)

- Electric Metal Explosion (Heavy Metal-flavoured Synthwave)

- Kopfkino / Head Cinema (Cinematic music from all Genres)

No specific rules for submission other than that you please check the playlists for a fit before submitting (as I am trying to keep mood and feel consistent) and of course sharing and following the playlists is very much appreciated. I don't give a f*ck whether an artist has 10 listeners or 10 million, what counts for me is that I like what I hear and I think it fits in to the flow.

IMPORTANT: There is no objective criteria for deciding which songs I choose. I do this for fun and I am the first listener of these playlists (that's how they came about) so I will choose songs I can see myself listening to repeatedly. Purely subjective. If you are not chosen, please do not be too disappointed – no judgment on quality, probably just my own shitty taste. Also, requests for specific positions in the playlist will be ignored, no offence.

One last thing: I produce music myself, here is my Spotify artist page, would be really cool if you could check it out :)
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As I said earlier, I am a Synthwave producer myself and am always working on music. If you like my music and would like to stay up to date, please consider following me on Twitter ( or Instagram ( Also, how about leaving your email address and I'll add you to my mailing list. I promise not to spam! (Again: No obligation and your submission will be considered no matter whether you sign up or not!!!!)
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Please allow for some time to respond. Submitting the same song twice won't increase your chances ;)
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