Asia Pacific Youth Exchange
Date: 3 - 17 January, 2016
Location: Manila, Philippines

The Urban Youth Academy (UYA), an NGO established with the aim of solving the world’s biggest challenges through supporting and empowering youth to become future leaders, in cooperation with the Asian Development Bank and UN-HABITAT, will jointly undertake the Asia-Pacific Youth Exchange rogram (APYE), which is set to launch on January 3-17, 2016 across the Philippines.

With the theme “Youth and Innovation to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”, the UYA will mobilize 250 young leaders and representatives of youth-led civil society organizations across Asia and the Pacific for a 2-week program to improve the understanding and capacity of young people to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs. Team-building activities, research and local action in communities await participants, who will learn how to develop and implement their own projects, and work with other youth and stakeholders.

APYE aims to:
• Improve young people’s understanding of SDGs and their roles in achieving them
• Increase understanding and cooperation between young people across Asia and the Pacific
• Build the capacity of youth in implementing projects and activities aligned to the SDGs
• Strengthen global and regional partnership for the SDGs and youth development in Asia and the Pacific
• Identify opportunities for inclusion of young people in decision-making and implementation of the SDGs

APYE’s activities will be divided into three main types:
1. Learning and Team-Building
2. Research and Location Action
3. Presentation and Advocacy

Eligible participants should be:
- In between 15 - 32 years old
- Able to communicate proficiently
- Committed to attend the program (in full or in part. Packages below.)
- Interested in contributing to sustainable development

Participation fee packages:
(This is the result of 50% scholarship supported by our partners. Participation fee covers accommodation, local transportation, training fee, meals, and international youth conference pass during the program. For more information of what's included, please check the infopacket that you will receive after register your participation.)

Full program - 2 weeks: $USD 750
Training - (3 - 7 January) : $USD 250
Local Immersion - (7 - 13 January): $USD 250
International Youth Conference - (13 - 17 January): $USD 250

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