Public Bicycle Sharing (Public Opinion Survey)
Tumakuru Smart City Proposal (SCP) proposes a feeder system that would provide last mile connectivity to the residents of Tumakuru. The Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) system has been proposed under Smart City Proposal as one of the main components of the feeder system. In this context, Tumakuru Smart City Limited (TSCL) intends to introduce a well-planned and high quality PBS system for the city.
TSCL intends to carry out the project in two phases. Phase I for Area Based Development (ABD) area and phase II for rest of the city.
PBS systems are a flexible public transport service and environmental friendly that involves the creation of a dense network of cycle stations. Users can pick-up a bicycle from any station and return it to any other station in the system. The station where the bicycle is returned need not be the original station from where the bicycle was borrowed.
Selected Area for Phase-I
Usually followed procedure
Typical Docking Station
Socio-Economic Details
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Trip Details
Trip Origin is the area/region/location where you travel from.
Trip Destination is the area/region/location where you travel to.
(Eg. Trip Origin- Gandhi Nagar Park
Trip Destination- Mahalakshmi Arcade, SS Puram)
Trip Origin
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Trip Destination
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Current Daily Mode of Travel
Average time taken for One-Way Trip
One-Way Trip Cost
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Opinion for the proposed Public Bicycle Sharing System
Willingness to use the System
Willingness to Pay
Preferred Payment Mode
Preferable Station Locations
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