iPRES 2019 Digital Preservation Challenges: The Great Digital Preservation Bake-Off
Request for Community Feedback

While you are working on your iPRES 2019 proposal, the organisers of the conference are planning to organize showcase sessions for vendors and digital preservation tool developers, also known as "The Great Digital Preservation Bake-Off". The iPRES 2019 Program Committee broadened the scope of previous iPRES vendor showcase sessions in order to include anyone that develops software tools for digital preservation and can demonstrate workable solutions to the iPRES community.

To keep solutions and developers comparable, we have two categories:
+ Software that supports end-to-end solutions for preserving digital assets
+ Content and/or function specific tools related to digital preservation processes

The iPRES 2019 Program Committee invites members of the digital preservation community to tell us which digital preservation challenges you would like to see tackled in the Great Digital Preservation Bake-Off!

Please provide your feedback to the questions below - we look forward to continuing to design the iPRES 2019 program around your interests and priorities. Thank you for sharing!

1) Are there specific types of digital content that you would you like to see featured in the tools and services showcases (Ex. webarchives, forensic disk images, proprietary project files such as AutoCAD or Adobe Photoshop, complex data sets, etc.)
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2) Are there specific phases of the digital curation workflow that you would like to see featured (Ex. fixity verification, bulk image processing, file characterization, deduplication, automated description, etc.)?
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3) What digital curation challenges are you facing now that you would like to see a solution for?
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4) Are there software projects/tools that you would like to see participate in the Great Digital Preservation Bake-Off? (REMEMBER: These projects/tools can be a single script, an entire script library, an end-to-end system, or interface to a command-line tool -- and these tools can be created by individual developers or organizations.) Please include the name of the project/tool, developer name and link to project if available.
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5) What additional suggestions would you like to share with the 2019 Program Committee regarding the Great Digital Preservation Bake-off showcase sessions?
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