SSN Innovates: EXPO Breakout Session Proposal
At SSN, we believe that the solution is almost always “in the room.” We are excited to invite SSN members to present at a breakout session at the Expo. The SSN Innovates EXPO on Wednesday, June 27th from 8:30am-2pm is SSN’s year-end event designed to bring together members and other leaders into one “room” to share solutions to our biggest challenges. Attendees will learn about the many ways fellow network members are innovating to create transformative experiences for students, share expertise to strengthen NYC’s education ecosystem, and explore the power a network can have for improving student outcomes. Proposals are due by April 20th.
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Breakout Sessions
Breakout sessions will be 60 minutes in length and are designed to give SSN members a platform to share their expertise and experience with the broader Network. Sessions should address one or more of the priority areas below and do the following:
- Share what is working, what challenges must be overcome and how lessons learned could translate to other organizations;
- Highlight specific tactics, tools, or strategies;
- Articulate clear results;
- Include an interactive component and promote dialogue between presenters and participants.
Programming at the EXPO will be organized around five priority areas. Please indicate which area(s) your session will address: *
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All SSN Collab and Fellowship participants will have ideas to share and a space to do so at the EXPO; submitting a proposal will give you dedicated space and time during a breakout session to elevate and share your work. Please indicate what format you would prefer:
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Please give an overview of what your session will cover, including what challenge(s) you or your organization overcame, what action(s) you took, and what lessons you learned. Please make sure to highlight how your proposed session relates to the selected strand(s).
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What is the intended result of your session? (Can include bullet points). Participants will: *
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Draft agenda *
Please provide a draft skeletal agenda of your workshop to illustrate how the session will help achieve your intended results.
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Social-Emotional Learning *
Please describe how the topic relates to social-emotional learning and how it will be addressed in the session.
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Collaborating in a Network *
Please describe how collaborating with other SSN members, via Collabs, the Fellowship, other programming, or informal partnership, has contributed and/or strengthened to the topic addressed.
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Takeaways *
How will participants be able to apply lessons learned in their own organizations? What are the 2-4 takeaways, tactics, tools, resources, processes, strategies, etc.?
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Other Presenter Information
Please include the names, titles, organizations, bios (100 words or less) of any presenters that will join you for this session.
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