Indie e-Con 2017 Survey
Thanks so much for taking part in this year's Indie e-Con! I thoroughly intend to
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How did you find out about Indie e-Con?
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Are you a...
What parts of Indie e-Con did you take part in?
Of These, which were the most helpful/interesting?
Of These, which were the least helpful/interesting?
Did you purchase any books during Indie e-Con?
Did you leave any reviews?
Did you discover any new authors?
If you did, please put their names in the "other" option.
Would you attend Indie e-Con next year?
Tell me what you enjoyed most about this year's Indie e-Con.
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Tell me what you wish I had done differently.
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Now it's time to dream big - what would you like to see happen in future Indie e-Cons? Sky's the limit. I can't make promises, but I can make goals.
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Next year's theme will be "Genres," but I can't decide on Friday's topic.
Monday=Fantasy, Tuesday=Historical Fiction, Wednesday=Contemporary, Thursday=Science Fiction
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