South Australia's Workforce Ecosystem Map
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In regions and countries like Germany, where there is a good match of workforce demand to workforce supply, there is a systems based approach, galvanizing all stakeholders towards a vision, mission, common goals and priorities.

The purpose of this survey is to map out all of the relevant stakeholders involved in any form of workforce forecasting/planning and workforce development including attraction/recruitment, education and development (accredited and non-accredited, formal and informal learning), retention and transition in South Australia.

This could be a test case for other states, territories, and countries with South Australia leading by taking a collaborative approach and identifying where your programs, products, services and solutions fit with the workforce gaps found everyday locally, nationally and internationally.

A broad definition of workforce planning is identifying the current context and workforce profile, forecasting future workforce requirements and evaluating the gaps. Workforce development can be any activity of strategy that bridges the gaps between the current and future workforce as well as addressing here and now gaps.

Many practitioners and organisations will have a stake in the SA ecosystem so please share widely with your colleagues and networks across advisory services, ACE, apprenticeships, business, career planning, employment, government higher education, industry, peak bodies, regional development, Registered Training Organisations, schools, skills and VET.

The draft map will be sent back to you for feedback so we need a few contact details to begin but the solutions will be mapped by name and your details will only be shared if you give permission.

Thanks for getting involved and if you have any questions please contact me via or call 0416 150 491.

Kind regards, Wendy Perry, Workforce BluePrint

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