Mega Language Lunch 2019 Sign-up
Brandeis University language programs are holding the Sixth Annual Language Lunch event on Tuesday, November 19, at 12 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. in the Sherman Function Hall!

The first 10 individuals who register for each language will receive a voucher for the lunch buffet; registrants will be notified via email if they will receive a voucher (look for an e-mail from your professor).

If you do not receive a voucher, you are still encouraged to attend! Please bring your own lunch and join the language table (or tables) of your choice. There will also be culture-specific desserts/snacks at each language table.

Please help spread the word about this event! Invite your friends and professors at Brandeis!
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Language (Note: if you plan to go to more than one language, please list here your 1st choice -- that's the language table that will issue you the voucher. You can visit other table(s) after you get your lunch.) *
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