Climate Restoration Pledge
The Healthy Climate Alliance advocates for “climate restoration”. We have the technology, the opportunity, and the obligation to give our children a healthy climate like our grandparents gave us. We’re now over 400 parts per million CO2; we can get back to 300 ppm by 2050.

We can do it by replacing fossil fuels with renewables and by removing a trillion tons of CO2 from the atmosphere. Safe technologies already exist, like turning CO­2 into limestone for roads and buildings. With commitment and investment, additional scalable technologies are being developed.

Together, we can restore a healthy climate.

I am committed to giving our children the same climate our grandparents gave us.
Please fill out the form below to sign the Climate Restoration Pledge. Once you've signed, spread awareness of the climate restoration opportunity with family, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. Post a link to the Climate Restoration Pledge ( on your website, email signature, and/or social media with the hashtags #restoretheclimate and #healthyclimatealliance. Post a selfie of yourself and your thoughts on climate restoration, too!

Learn more about how climate restoration works at

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