SURJ-KC Membership Commitment
The work to confront, disrupt, and dismantle the death culture of white supremacy in Kansas City and across the world will require more than we now have. It will require that those of us who are white show up in solidarity more. It will require that we organize more people into internal revolution and radical action. It will require that we take greater risks.

We believe that our purpose as SURJ-KC is to collectivize the power of individual white anti-racists who are willing to make meaningful commitments to this work. We define the SURJ-KC membership commitment as:
1. Agree to and operate from the SURJ KC Points of Unity.
2. Engage in at least one challenging conversation each month.
3. Show up in at least one direct solidarity action each month.
4. Contribute financial resources to People of Color led organizations and to the SURJ-KC network.

Are you willing to make this commitment?

Please confirm below that you are committed to: 1) SURJ KC Points of Unity 2) One challenging conversation each month, 3) one solidarity action each month, and 4) financial resources to confront, disrupt, and dismantle white supremacy in your sphere of influence. *
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