AIXR Investors' Lunch
The AIXR and VR Awards Investors’ Lunch is an exclusive event for technology investors only. The Investors’ Lunch is provided free of charge by the VR Awards and London & Partners, who will also be in attendance.

Lunch attendees comprise of investors from all types of backgrounds including; hedge fund managers, angel investors and immersive funds - all travelling in from Europe, North America and Asia. Universally attendees are a diverse mix of individuals who may not be synonymously affiliated with just virtual reality, but technology as a whole.

During the AIXR and VR Awards’ Investors’ Lunch, there will be an opportunity to meet other investors, discuss investment funds and strategies for immersive companies, and broker additional deals to further your investment approach.

You can also speak directly to the London & Partners, AIXR and VR Awards representatives, giving you a valuable insight into London’s opportunities and updates, as well as the latest big trends in VR and AR, and what to look out for.

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